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Alloy Material Inner Oxidized is widely used in method to make Oxidized Electrical Contact, including AgSnO2, AgSnO2In2O3, AgCuO, AgCdO, etc. They are widely applied in low voltage electrical appliances. Alloy Material Inner Oxidized is widely used method to make Oxidized Electrical ,including AgSnO2 ,AgSnO2InO3,AgZnO2,AgCu0,AgCd0,etc. Oxidized contact characteristics are as follows: 1. Inner Oxidized Electrical Contact owns excellent consistency ,tiny Oxidized material particle ,arc corrosion resistance and long electricity life . 2. Adding nickel and thulium to AgSnO2,AgSn02In2O3,AgZn02,AgCu0,AgCd0,etc with the technology of low temperature high pressure oxidized takes effect on making grain tiny ,dispersion and aggrandizement ,consequently improves their mechanical strength ,ameliorate fusion ,arc corrosion resistance and abrasion. 3. Adopting melting pulverization and pre-oxidized manufacturing methods can make high quality contact material with the advantage of grain thin and organization uniformity ,no defection in microcosmic structure ,eliminating oxide leanness area. Inner Oxidized Electrical Contact are widely used in low voltage electrical appliance. 1. AgSnO2,AgSnO2In03series : Widely used in AC Contactor (CJ20,CJ40,3TF ,ETC)Power AC Switch (≧50KW),DC Contactor ,AC \DC Power Relay  ,Automobile and low voltage circuit breaker.  2. AgSnO2 series: Widely used in low voltage circuit breaker with rating ,electricity within 200A(such as DZ15 series ,especially omnipotence breaker )drive socket, protective socket, AC Relay  DZ5L series breaker etc. Some large capacity switches also use AgZnO materials such as ME omnipotence breaker. The manufacturing and test equipments for Inner Oxidized Electrical Contact include intermediate frequency melting furnace, hot mill and precision mill machine ,auto-stamping machine ,Ionic Contamination Test System AAS\WF10,Colored Microscope From Japan ,etc .We can develop and manufacture oxidized contact according to customers’ specific requirement ,and the output can surpass 120 tons annually. The material ingredient and mechanical performance of oxidized contact.