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Contact Rivet are made by Cold Pressure Welding Machine ,Main products include: Bi-metal Electrical Contacts:  Ag\Cu,FAg\Cu,AgNi\Cu,AgSnO2\Cu,AgSn02In03\Cu,AgCu\Cu, AgZn0\Cu,AgCd0\Cu,etc . Contact Rivet are made by Cold Pressure Welding Machine ,Main products include: Bi-metal Electrical Contacts: Ag\Cu,FAg\Cu,AgNi\Cu,AgSnO2\Cu,AgSn02In03\Cu,AgCu\Cu, AgZn0\Cu,AgCd0\Cu, etc . Contact rivets characteristics, as follows:  1. There are two kind of composite methods in Contact Rivet :head layer can use Ag, Cu, Pd, Pt and its alloy materials ; base material generally chooses pure copper which has better formation and electricity conductivity ,precious metal materials are only compounded at essential contact position of Electrical Contacts so that they can economize precious metal,reduce the cost of Electrical Contacts and benefits the development of society. 2. It is much easier to choose layer alloy material than monometal contact rivet .Although precious metal alloy materials has excellent electrical contact function ,they are not durable than composite rivets contacts in use . 3. Composite Contact Rivet apply to continuous automatically production .After riveting, they don’t need other manufacturing technical  methods (such as electroplating ,welding etc).This method not only simplifies contact manufacturing ,improves efficiency and reduces cost ,but also strengthens the assembling accuracy and credibility of component .  Composite Rivet Contact is mainly used in Automobile ,Home Electrical Appliance ,Relay ,Contactor ,Thermal Controller ,Timer Electronics and Electrical Appliance.  The manufacturing and test equipments which is total amount more 200 sets for making Contact Rivet include Tri-metal rivet machine from Germany ,Bi-compounded rivet machine, Colored Microscope ,3Dcoordinator Apparatus, Hardness Test Machine etc. We can develop and manufacture them according to customers’ specific requirement, and the output can surpass one billion pieces annually. contact rivet dimension and tolerance.