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Precious Clad Metal

Shyzrivet- A Sought After China Clad Metal Manufacturer 

Shanghai Yuzhang Industry Co., Ltd. is the leading and most reputed Clad metal Manufacturer in china, offering high-quality precious Clad metal products at very affordable pricing. As the number one clad metal supplier of China, we maintain the quality of our metal-clad by taking care of all technical and mechanical aspects of consideration.

Our famous china metal clads are full of robust electrical characteristics, and its wearability is far better than a single precious metal contact material. Our china clad metal is a new functional composite material used for so many industry needs.

Get Our Best Precision Clad Metal Packed With All High Mechanical Characteristics

We are the most reliable Clad metal Manufacturer in china as all our customer experience flawless functioning of our precision clad metal because it is packed with all high mechanical characteristics required for continuous operations.

 Living in the evolving industry of electrical component production, the need for china clad metal is increasing day after day to manufacture a product like micro motors, electrical brush, commutator, relay, connector, etc. we are working hard days in days out for sustaining our position as the best-Clad metal supplier in consumer’s heart.

Buy China Clad Metal At Optimal Rate

When purchasing metal contact rivet, customers face the dilemma due to high -competitive market prices, and we understand it as Clad metal Manufacturer. That is why we have tried to alleviate this issue by keeping our products' costs optimal. We never lift off our products' prices unjustly; that way, we have made our mark as the best-clad metal supplier in China market.