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Why Are Cordless Rivet Guns Gaining So Much Popularity?

Why Are Cordless Rivet Guns Gaining So Much Popularity?

The increase in the demand for rivets as fasteners for all industrial, commercial and residential purposes is due to the reason that rivets are the easiest to handle when it comes to installation. Unlike any other fastener, the easy and effortless installation of rivets is exceptional. It is also a very cheap fastening option, but there is no compromise when it to comes to providing a secure connection. The connection that rivets offer is as secure as any other fastener, or it might even be slightly stronger and more secure than them. The increasing demand for rivets has also impacted the demand for cordless rivet guns. As cordless rivet guns make the process of rivet installation much easier and more convenient than pneumatic rivet guns. How? Let’s see.

The Difference Between Cordless and Pneumatic Rivet Gun

A pneumatic rivet gun, as the word pneumatic indicates, operates by using air pressure. For this, a pneumatic rivet gun needs a constant supply of compressed air, which is supplied to it through a hose and a compressor. This alters the mobility of this machine as it can only go to places where the hose can travel along. If the hose isn’t long enough, then you are screwed. Whereas a cordless rivet gun doesn’t operate like the pneumatic rivet gun. There is not even a 1% similarity between their operating principle. The cordless rivet gun uses rechargeable batteries to operate and install rivets at their place. It doesn’t require any air or hose, nothing like that. This allows increased mobility in all directions, even at places where there is no electricity, like construction sites. This is why the demand for cordless rivet guns has increased to simplify the process of rivet installation even further.

The Advantages of Using Cordless Rivet Gun

You might be questioning that if the role of rivets is to fasten anything securely at its place and prevent any radical movements that might happen later, and if any tool can do that without impacting on the working of rivets, then why care about which tool to use for their installation? Well, there surely is the need to care about the installing tool because each tool doesn’t work for every rivet or gives the same effect. Let’s have a look at how a cordless rivet gun is better than a pneumatic rivet gun, and then you can decide.

·         Cordless rivet guns are extremely portable as they do not require any hose or compressor connection constantly. They contain everything inside themselves, which makes them easy to carry to any place. You need to install a rivet at the construction site; it will do the thing; you need to install a rivet at a farm; it will do the thing; you need to install a rivet at that farthest and remotest of places it will do the thing. Whereas you won’t be able to carry a hose and a compressor all by yourself to all such places for using a pneumatic rivet gun.

·         The design of cordless rivet tools is very ergonomic, which makes it very easy to operate all day long without any operator fatigue. Its design is so compact and reliable that it can operate even in the tightest of places where a pneumatic rivet gun will surely ditch you. Its lightweight and powerful design make it very convenient to use for hours and hours.

·         A cordless rivet gun is extremely versatile to use as it can be used to install literally any type of rivet. one gun is fit for all types of rivets because the nose piece of the cordless rivet gun is changeable, so you just need to change the nose piece for installing a particular rivet, and you are good to go.